Hot Rods-n-Hogs was established in 1993.  Since then we have produced numerous award-winning paint jobs and custom motorcycles.  Kenny Morris' Hot Rods-n-Hogs  has also been featured in some of the industry's top magazines, like Easyriders, V-Twin, Hot Bike and Hot Rod Bikes.  If custom painting or sheet metal shaping is what you are looking for, then we can help.  Our prices are very competitive.  We ship worldwide.  Dealer inquiries are welcomed.  Special pricing is available.

Custom Paint is what Hot Rods-n-Hogs is primarily known for.  Whether it's a show winning black, a multi layered graphic or a fantasy airbrush design, we have produced it.  We can paint your factory sheet metal or prep your after-market "tin".  On aftermarket gas tanks, or if there is a considerable amount of welding  done on your factory tank, we seal it with  the "Tank ReNu" process to prevent rusting .  Click on the "PAINT"  button to see some of the work we have done.  The pictures posted will give you an idea of the quality, design  and  broad range of work Hot Rods-n-Hogs is capable of doing.  We also do all factory color repairs and most after-market custom paint repairs.  If there is something in particular you would like to see,  either go to the "QUOTES" page or feel free to contact us at 714-229-9076 or by e-mail.  Our business hours are Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 6 pm .Pacific time.  Saturday by appointment only.   

Fabrication is a large part of custom building and we can handle that for you too.  Whether you want a daily driver with a little more style, such as a mild stretch on the gas tank or a wider rear fender, or you want a mind blowing, low, long and loud fire breathing beast with an attitude, we can help there too.  Take a "TOUR" of the shop and check out some of the bikes and other items in progress.  Whether your building a "clean" street bike or a head turning show bike,  the difference between first and second place is that little "extra".  Check us out.  There is more than one "metal master" in these parts. 

Shop Rags is a line of casual wear with the Hot Rods-n-Hogs logo on it.  

We are in the process of building a new web site.  All these pages will be working at that time. Thanks for your patience and please check back. Thank you-- Kenny Morris

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